Virtual Assistant Services

With our Virtual Assistant Services, you can get away with your workload and have an organized life. We do the work while you get the most out of your time, to help you grow your business. We specialize in finding/placing the following Virtual Assistants for our clients:

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA’s) offer a wide range of administrative support and services, thus you can focus on priority tasks for your business to make it grow. We have REVA’s specializing in different categories:

Services include: Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Agents & Brokers, Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Investors, Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Property Management Firms

Executive Assistant/ Admin Virtual Assistant

Our Executive Assistant/Admin Virtual Assistant is as effective and efficient as your typical secretary. Make your work much easier and delegate the tasks that you repetitively do. Helping you leverage your time so you can spend more on high priority tasks, he/she can be of great help to grow your business. Tasks that you may delegate can be endless, but you can start with any of the following:


Services Include: Email management, File or Database Management, Transcription, Travel and Flight booking, Calendar management, Data-entry services, Researching on certain topics and articles, Posting and recruiting ads (for other team members like Blogger, Tech VA), Creating Basic Reports, Monitoring or checking-in with other team members.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media is very crucial in any type of business, especially in providing more opportunities to convert and increased inbound traffic at a decreased marketing cost.
Helping you reach out to a wide audience, our dedicated Social Media VA’s will manage your brand’s voice and content through the following sample tasks list:

Services Include: Creating And Setting Up Social Networking Accounts, Creating Content To Share On Social Media: Images, Videos, Blogs, Article, Promoting your Social Media Sites : Ads, Giveaways, Contests, Quiz, Updating And Managing Your Profiles, Regularly Increasing your online fan base, Grow your database by strengthening engagement, Increasing you audience base and market reach, Analyze your social media page data to determine and study your market

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Our VA’s can provide customer service for the following nature of calls:

Services Include: Customer Retention Calls, Order Processing Calls, Phone Support Calls, Reservation Calls, Directory Assistance Calls, Dispatch Calls, Helpdesk Calls, Live Chat Support, Credit Card Processing, Upselling & Product Add-ons, Clear Communication Skills, Great Listening Skills, Calming Presence on the Phone, Good Product Knowledge, Good w/Empathy & Patience, Persuasion Skills, Ability To Resolve Conflict & Manage It, Can Work The Extra Mile – Tenacity

Data Entry

Sample tasks list that you may delegate to our Data Entry VA:

Services Include: Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits, Compile, verify accuracy and sort information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry, Review data for deficiencies or errors, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output, Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents, Apply data program techniques and procedures Generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations, Scan documents and print files, Respond to queries for information and access relevant files, Comply with data integrity and security policies Ensure proper use of office equipment and address any malfunctions.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Generating quality leads is truly important for any business as nurturing quality leads will eventually lead into sales.  We can help manage the process start-to-finish.

Our Lead Generation Virtual Assistant can help you generate your leads through the following: Lead acquisition via LinkedIn Marketing platform
Lead acquisition can also be generated from setting up landing pages and social media ads

Chat Support VA

Our Chat Support VA will log in to your chat service database and will make sure that any inquiry of your existing and potential clients are handled well on an immediate basis so as to improve the company’s overall customer experience and increase potential sales. Our Chat Support VA possesses the following skills to guarantee success in the specific tasks.


Services Include: Accountability to provide a one chat resolution, Polite and truly helpful, Communicate professionally, Ability to multi-task/toggle between tools and manage multi-chat windows

Executive Assistant/Admin Virtual Assistant

A goal-oriented Executive Admin Virtual Assistant will work hard to achieve something in return. He/she could be someone you can rely on for a lot of basic business tasks. In making your business grow, he/she knows that time is important and that wasting it wouldn’t contribute to the growth of the company. You can simply focus on your priority tasks, have some time for yourself, and grow the business even more. There are endless tasks you can delegate to your hired Executive Admin Virtual Assistant. But you may start with any of the following.

Services Include: Travel booking and assistance, Restaurant reservations, Online shopping and errands, Voicemail management, Making calls on your behalf, Google Drive management, Documentation and updating of files (including creating pdf forms, updating contracts, formatting documents, etc.), Personal online errands, Email management, Calendar management, Contact management, Data Entry, Assist in Finding/Submitting for Call for Speakers, Database/CRM management, Set Appointment, Bookkeeping, Create Power Point Presentation



Service Include: Disseminating online awareness about your products and services in your target market,Having an intact brand recognition & establishing trust, Finding new potential customers, Promoting and encouraging your products or services, Building a community and loyal following

Human Resource Virtual Assistant Services


(A Human Resource Virtual Assistant (HRVA) is an off-site independent contractor offering administrative, clerical and human resource services virtually. He/she is considered self-employed, independent contractors. He/she is committed to do the tasks assigned to him/her provided that you get to keep him/her for a fraction of normal cost.

 Because of a Virtual HR Assistant,

  • You don’t have to set-up your own Human Resource Team or HR Department.
  • Human resource tasks and activities will be completed without you doing it.
  • You can have the luxury of time to focus on managing time-consuming human resource 


Service Include: Job Posting, Applicant Screening, Resume/Profile Review, Background Checking, Administer Screening Tests, Initial Phone Interviews, Sending Congratulatory Letter for New Hires, Sending Work Requirements and Job Contracts, Preparing Job Offers, Applicant Tracking System, Database Management of Employee Files, Facilitate, New Hire Orientation, Employee Payroll Checking, Employee Attendance Tracking, Pipeline Development

Web Design & Development Packages

(Our highly-educated Virtual Assistant in Web Design and Development will ensure that a compelling and enticing site can help hook-up visitors and turn them into followers, customers or clients. Our sites will be designed to be.

Services Include: User Friendly, Interactive, Connected with your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)